Here is what my client Alison had to say...

“This program has greatly improved my health. My A1C is down from 6.4 to 5.8. I recommend it for everyone! We currently have a health epidemic because of the way people are eating. This program addresses that to get us back to how we are supposed to be eating to take care of a human body, not just (barely) survive in this modern, over stretched world. I feel better, better digestion, improved energy, better sleep, better moods. I lost 22 lbs as a result of the program. I am so grateful for your support and guidance Johanna!”

Alison, California 2019


And here is what Pamela said…

“I wanted to see if i could do it and I did, despite the cravings that is and will always be a hard part. But with all the positive feedback and support you receive from everyone else in the program makes you feel that you can conquer anything. Since I am type 2 diabetic my A1c went down and my other numbers having to do with diabetes were reduced to normal. I will be honest there are some things i do miss but not to the point where i will emotional eat or binge. I have more energy and sleep a lot better and have a more positive outlook on many things in my life. ”

Pamela, California 2019


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