Happy Holidays - here is my gift to you

We are one week out from Christmas. I know time flies but it still amazes me each year. 2018 has been an awesome year for me. I started the year with yoga teacher training in Greenwood which has been absolutely amazing. I met such wonderful people and learned so much and will always cherish those long training weekends. I started teaching yoga in Yazoo City which has been a lot of fun. I have met so many new and beautiful people through teaching which has truly been a gift. In the spring and the fall, I ran a couple of online detox programs. All participants had great success, and it was the best reminder to myself that food is medicine, and that the right kind of food changes everything.
In August, Jon and I got to visit my family in Germany and the Netherlands. It was a crazy trip (lost luggage, anyone?), but I had the best time, because what counts are relationships and quality time together. Who cares that I pretty much wore the same outfit for 2 weeks straight?! ;-)
And last but not least, I have tried to make an effort to be better about sending a regular newsletter so I can share what I have learned and support you on your health journey. Each of you inspires me to keep working on new recipes, creating new exercise and yoga routines, and discovering the latest in health and wellness news.
As my gift to you I am offering a FREE 5-Day Whole Food Challenge for Women to Kickstart Weight Loss. The program starts on Monday, January 7, 2019 and includes a meal plan with delicious recipes, a prep guide, an itemized grocery shopping list, and a closed Facebook group for support, motivation and accountability. I hope you will join me for this free program. I can't wait to support you.

Peace & Love,