6 Steps to Reset After the Holidays

I love the holidays!! A time for parties and community events, time with family and friends, and also a time for delicious and rich foods. However, let's be real, sometimes all that partying can leave us feeling not quite like our usual selves. Whether it is a few extra pounds, digestive issues or hangovers, we've all been there.
The great news is that you can easily get back on track. Here are 6 simple steps you can take to bounce back.

1) Don't Stress Over What's Done
If you went overboard a bit, don't fret. There is no point in beating yourself up over something that's done and cannot be changed. Doing that will only add extra stress which none of us need. Instead, look ahead and make the resolution to take simple action in 2019. Possible actions to take: drink more water, go to bed 30 minutes earlier, turn off electronic devices at a certain time.

2) Set Realistic and Attainable Goals
Come up with small, simple steps you can take to get back into the swing of things. All these baby-steps will add up, and you are much more likely to follow through on something that's realistic which will keep you motivated in the long-run.
Also, instead of negative goals, focus on the positive. For example, instead of saying 'I won't eat out this week,' go for 'I will cook ahead on the weekend, so I can take a home-cooked meal to work each day.'

3) Flush Out Your System
Hydration is key, and my guess is you already know that. Start each day with a glass of water (room temperature or hot). If you prefer, squeeze a fresh lemon into it to help with detoxification. Proper hydration will boost your energy and also improve your digestion. To get you started you could have a glass of water on your nightstand, so it is ready to go when you wake up.

4) Keep It Simple with Real Foods
Buy real foods at the store - the stuff your grandma would recognize. If it comes in a box or a can and has an ingredient list that contains words you cannot pronounce, chances are it's overly processed and not good for your body. Pay special attention to added sugars. Sugar will 'hide' in ingredients that might sound 'healthy,' like brown rice syrup, honey or molasses; or in anything ending in -ose, such as glucose, fructose, dextrose. Use common sense here. Ask yourself: should a can of kidney beans have high fructose corn syrup in it? Should pasta sauce have sugar in it? I think you know the answer. Focus on real foods, such as lots of vegetables (in all colors), lean proteins, nuts, seeds, fruit, and some whole grains.

5) Planning Ahead is Key
I am a big fan of prepping ahead of time. If I don't have a solid plan for what we'll eat each week, I am much more likely to have to compromise on the quality of my meals and less likely to feed my body the nutrients it needs. When you are off, take some time to map out your meals for the coming week; create a shopping list based on your plan; and then cook for at least the first few days so you can start your week right. Also schedule another night during the week to cook for the second half of the week. It might seem overwhelming at first, but soon you will get into the habit of doing this. Also, keep a running list of go-to recipes that are easy, nutritious and delicious.

6) Last But Not Least, Build Physical Activity Into Your Day
When it comes to moving your body, I want you to think of physical activity instead of just exercise. Many different things count for moving your body. Of course going to a class at your local gym is a great way, but also things like cleaning your house for a few hours, or gardening for an afternoon all count as physical activity. So think outside the box and get moving.
Check out the class schedule at your local gym or yoga studio and join a new class which is always lots of fun. Start going for a 30-minute walk on your lunch break. Or find HIIT training exercises online to get you started. We live in a world of many choices, and I am sure there is something that's a great fit for you.

So what do you say - Can you see yourself taking some of these simple steps? If you would like some support in tackling these steps, join me in January for a FREE 5-Day Whole Food Challenge to reset your body and mind. I can't wait to support you!