5 Signs Your Body Needs a Reset in the New Year

Our bodies are always communicating with us. All too often we see sluggishness, bloating, and skin issues as normal parts of life or of getting older. However, this is your body's way of communicating something to you. The key is to learn its language and find out what it means. Below I am listing the 5 most common signs that tell us our bodies need a little TLC.

1) Digestive Issues
Do you struggle with bloating, constipation or diarrhea? Or maybe all of the above? Usually this is a sure sign that you are not putting the right kind of foods into your body. Your gut has also been called your second brain. It is home to trillions of good bacteria, and when they are not happy (read: fed the right nutrients), it can result in a variety of issues. The number one fix is eating a variety of veggies. Whether you are paleo, keto, vegan or follow any other kind of diet, what they all have in common is large amounts of veggies.

2) Poor Energy
You go to bed on time and sleep between 6-8 hours, but still, when you wake up, you feel like you've been hit with a sledgehammer. Too many of us feel that way and use caffeine or other stimulants to get us through without considering why this is happening. Push the PAUSE button for a second, and consider factors besides sleep. Proper hydration, a healthy diet and dealing with stress in a healthy way are key to great energy.

3) Major Cravings
You just ate dinner but you have intense cravings for something - sweet, salty, crunchy ... How can that be? You know you can't possibly be hungry, because you just ate, but still. Cravings are often signs of imbalances in the body. Your body is not getting enough nutrients, water, love/support or sleep. Tune in and figure out what's going on and which one of these could be contributing to your cravings.

4) You Don't Enjoy What You Eat
Are you someone who eats the same thing over and over again? We have our go-to recipes and that's great, but our bodies require a variety of different nutrients to function properly. That means we need to mix it up in order to get all these nutrients. So, if you're tired of eating the same thing, it is definitely time for some new input, because who doesn't want to enjoy their meals?! Each meal should be celebrated, because it is the number one way of telling your body that you love it.

5) Your Moods
We all have our ups and downs depending on what is happening in our lives and that is normal. However, you can probably tell if you are moodier, more depressed or more anxious than normal. Our emotional wellbeing, just as much as our physical wellbeing, is influenced by what we put into our bodies. So, tune into yourself and see what's going on. Find a way to talk about your emotions, and then fuel your body with the 'right stuff' - healthy foods, water, nurturing relationships, physical activity, spirituality and stress management.

If you see some of these signs in yourself, your body is trying to show you something. Pay attention and take some of these action steps:

  • Eat more produce. Take your cue from the rainbow and try to eat each color every day.

  • Drink more water. Replace sugary drinks with water to properly hydrate your body.

  • Prepare meals ahead of time. It will save you money and time in the long run and you are sure to eat healthier, because you control what goes into your food.

  • Stock up on healthy snacks, such as apples, berries, watermelon, raw almonds and walnuts. Having snacks around will ensure you don't get tempted by the junk in the vending machine or at the gas station.

  • Listen to your body as you make these changes and see how it responds.

If you would like some support and guidance, join my FREE 5-Day Whole Food Challenge to reset your body and mind. I can't wait to support you!

Have a happy and healthy start into 2019!